Matsui Mix Tape

There are certain smells, sounds and tastes that can literally transport you back in time. For instance, when the weather is sunny but cold and the streets are quiet, it reminds me of home. Because home, to me, is a place my family moved to when I was 14 years old. We moved in December. It was cold, but dry and sunny (I previously lived in a place which was quite ‘dreich‘) and the streets where we lived were typically suburban, and a little quieter than I was used to.

Between the ages of 14 and 16, I was starting to think about boys, about life, about the future… I was given a Matsui Stereo System for Christmas. I had my own bedroom for the first time in my life and had chosen baby blue and white pin stripe wallpaper, white bed sheets (I still always have white bed sheets) and wooden floors with a white and blue IKEA rug (very matchy-matchy).

I would spend hours in my room staring out of the window, thinking, dreaming, self-analysing and having imaginary conversations with people (usually boys that I liked but who were in love with my friend). I often stayed up late to listen to the American Chart Show (my musical taste hasn’t always been eclectic – in my earlier years I was heavily influenced by time spent living near Detroit as a child… in fact, that influence reached far further than music… and still does to some extent).

I still happily participate in all of these behaviours when I have time on my hands 🙂

Anyway, back to the post in hand – feeling very nostalgic recently for those halcyon days of innocence, when the fate of my entire world depended on whether a boy would actually look at me or not, I made a mix tape! Well, it’s an iTunes playlist, but it would have been a mix tape if I still had my Matsui Stereo. And I thought, I’d share the first 3 songs with you, because they were (by a long stretch) the most played.

When I hear them, I close my eyes and I’m back in my room, looking out of the window. I can feel the floor beneath my feet, I can see the garden from my window, the weather looks cold but sunny. It is quiet (apart from the music), and my soul is smiling.

I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I do!

Matsui Mix Tape

  1. Tender Love – Force M.D.’s
  2. The Flame – Cheap Trick
  3. If You Were Here Tonight – Alexander O’Neal

Sweet Nostalgia

Continuing yesterday’s sweet nostalgic theme…

Take a walk with me down memory lane. To a time when I would stay awake into the wee small hours of the night to listen to Casey Kasem present the American Top 40 countdown from all the way across the pond, just to here this….

Blissful Daydreaming

During a long drive home from a work meeting yesterday, I heard a song on the radio that, with the first 6 notes, transported me back to my teenage years.

It was the most incredible feeling. Incredibly real. I could feel what it felt like to be teen aged me. I immediately saw my bedroom, pale blue & white striped wallpaper. My Matsui stereo system in the corner. This song was playing on the radio. I was probably about 14 or 15 at the time. I was daydreaming about a boy. Not sure which one… it would change every few months.

It was a time of beautiful innocence. I genuinely thought I was so very mature and that I knew it all. Looking back, I knew nothing. I especially did not know how lucky I was to be in that state of innocence, with my whole life, and all of its potential, ahead of me.

Click below to hear the song. May it transport you into a state of blissful daydreaming…