36 Hours in Madrid

It’s Monday morning. 7am. I’m on a train hurtling towards London. In 2 hours I’ll be in our Capital city. Work beckons.

Only 2 days ago, I was on a plane, similar time of day. 2 hours later I was in Spain’s Capital city. We got home at Midnight (7 hours ago) having spent 36 hours in Madrid.

If you haven’t been to Madrid (this was our first time), it is a beautiful, buzzy place. It is at once busy and laid back. So many people, meandering along the wide streets, talking at 100mph to their companions with animated arms and hands.

Crowded cafes where people squeeze in around tiny tables savouring wine, coffee, tapas and conversation for hours at a time.

We got sore feet from walking, we ate far too much, drank quite a bit and slept all night long until 9am on Sunday. (9am!! That is unheard of in our house, but you’ve probably guessed by now that it was a kid-free weekend – also very rare in our house)

Mostly though, we tried to soak up the atmosphere. We sat and watched. We talked. We tried to slow life down…

Things I will remember about Madrid;

1. There are a lot of antique coin shops (still not sure why)
2. There are also many many ham museums (Museo de Jamon – for eating rather than looking, but confusing at first)
3. The food is delicious
4. The city itself is aesthetically stunning
5. It is possible to slow down in one of the busiest cities in the world, and so it must be possible to slow down and be present in the rush of day-to-day life.

Namaste x