I should probably start by clearing something up… This blog is not about yoga. Well, maybe a little bit. It’s more about my intention to start doing yoga again, and not ever getting around to it. Yoga, and eating healthily, keeping on top of my beauty regime (a very loose term these days) and of course blogging.

I started blogging in late 2009, just before I fell pregnant for the first time. I stopped blogging after suffering a hormone induced mini meltdown when my baby girl was almost 1 year old. I now have 2 beautiful babies and even less time to blog. But I love looking back over old posts and, with my memory cells currently running at about 60%, I figure this could be a good way to record our life for future reference.

That, and, I have a tendency to tell everyone everything…

If you want to know even more about me, you could start with this post.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent… and because my very supportive husband is my complete opposite and does not fancy having his private life plastered all over the tinter web!

In March 2013 a very kind blogger nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. I am both eternally grateful and ridiculously proud. And so, I have displayed my “badge of honour” below.

Update: I’ve now added the posts from my old blog for you to have a giggle at! (My pen name was micjee. They’re now posted under my *new* identity)

Leibster Blog Award


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