Blissful Daydreaming

During a long drive home from a work meeting yesterday, I heard a song on the radio that, with the first 6 notes, transported me back to my teenage years.

It was the most incredible feeling. Incredibly real. I could feel what it felt like to be teen aged me. I immediately saw my bedroom, pale blue & white striped wallpaper. My Matsui stereo system in the corner. This song was playing on the radio. I was probably about 14 or 15 at the time. I was daydreaming about a boy. Not sure which one… it would change every few months.

It was a time of beautiful innocence. I genuinely thought I was so very mature and that I knew it all. Looking back, I knew nothing. I especially did not know how lucky I was to be in that state of innocence, with my whole life, and all of its potential, ahead of me.

Click below to hear the song. May it transport you into a state of blissful daydreaming…




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