11 Questions, 11 Answers

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, you can read about that in full here.

As part of the nomination, the lovely Anna at pinkjumpers, set me the following 11 questions to answer. 11 is a big number – so, I thought I would give it the respect that it deserves and give them a post all to themselves.

There are some really good questions here. And by good, I mean I really had to think hard to answer them.

Are you sitting comfortably? OK, let’s get started…

1. What advice would you give to any aspiring blogger?

Write from your heart.

2. What happened on the best day of your life?

I have two… the days my babies were born.

3. (Inspired by my very own hug-list!) If you could hug anyone, who would you choose?

My babies, all the time. Boring Mummy answer – I know – but, they are THE BEST hugs in the world.

4. Are you a morning or a night person?

I used to be a night person. But with 2 kids under 3, I’m pretty much neither at the moment.

5. If you became the ruler of the world, what would you do first?

Start practising yoga! And get the world to practise with me 🙂

6. What is the most impulsive/spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not sure I’ve ever been truly spontaneous. Maybe I should add it to my bucket list?

7. If you had to chance to meet a single character in history, who would you choose and why?

I’d want to meet Mitochondrial Eve, the woman in Africa whom we can pretty much all be genetically traced back to. The original Mum. And then I’d bring her back to the here and now, to tell us that we are all brothers and sisters and to ground the ones who won’t stop fighting with each other.

8. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Chocolate. (Chocolate is pretty much my favourite flavour of anything)

9. What is your most prized possession?

The last 12 months have taught me that possessions are not important, people are. Saying that, I am permanently attached to my iPhone 😉

10. If you could only listen to a single song for the rest of your life, which song would you choose?

Oh my goodness! I can’t choose. I just can’t. Music is integral to life. It cheers us up when we are down, it empowers us when we need motivation and it provides us with solace when we are sad. And it’s bloody great for dancing!! It is a universal common ground. I couldn’t possibly pick one single song. It would be like saying I was going to be happy or I was going to be sad, forever.

11. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Learning. I have learned so much about myself, and grown so much as a person, through writing my blog and reading other blogs. It’s pretty high up on my list of achievements to date 🙂


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