Bucket List Version 2.0

Back in 2010, I posted my bucket list. Knowing myself, as I do, I realised that the list would probably change. Nearly 2 years later, and armed with a visual version on Pinterest, I thought it would be interesting to compare the current list with the previous….

My (original) Bucket List*
– Own a house in the South of France, with lots of outside space for kids to run around and not too far from the sea – Still on the list. But have added that I’d like to run it as a retreat for yoga and painting.
– Have kids… for the running around outside of the house! CHECK!
– Spend weeks at a time at said SoF house – Still on the list
– Work from home with flexible hours (i.e. I say when I work, maybe blog for a living!) – CHECK! (not the blogging for a living part, but the working from home, flexible hours, work/life balance)
– See Tigers in India – Still on the list
– Dance at Pineapple Dance Studios (Anyone else loving Louis on Sky1?) – No longer on the list. It seems my love for Louis was in the end, superficial and fleeting. Sorry Louis!
– Go on a mega-luxury blow out holiday somewhere hot – just once – just the two of us – Still on the list, in fact my pin board elaborates with suggestions like Las Vegas or Paris.
– Go skiing, complete with log cabin and roaring log fire (will also need to add ski lessons here!) – Still on the list
– Celebrate my birthday at the Carnival in Rio de Janiero – Still on the list
– Win Strictly Come Dancing (OK, I know you have to be a celeb to get in in the first place, but I might get spotted at Pineapple, you never know!) – Still on the list, have even chosen a dance partner!
– Visit Japan – bullet train, Tokyo, Kyoto (staying in a traditional Ryokan, see a Geisha show and Sumo) – Still on the list
– Go to Paris for the weekend on EuroStar (yes, even though I might spend half my trip sub Channel – as long as it’s 1st class sweetie!) – Still on the list
– Buy something from Cartier – Not on my pinterest list. And reading this has started an internal debate. Can I get back to you on this one?
– Own ruby shoes (real ones… rubies, I mean, not shoes… well shoes as well obviously!) – My baby girl bought me ruby shoes for my first Mothers day. I wore them to my Beloved’s 40th Birthday. They’re the best. I wouldn’t wish for any other pair now. CHECK!
– Charter a yacht and spend a week sailing round the med – Still on the list
– See the Grand Prix at Monaco – Still on the list (but needs to be added to the pin board)
– Take a trip on the Orient Express – Still on the list
– Always be in love (OK, pinched that one from Brooke [Burke] – see previous post – how lovely would that be?!) – Still on the list, at the top, in fact
– Have happy kids that get what they want out of their lives – Still on the list, at the very very top

Well, it looks like I haven’t changed my mind as much as I thought I would. And what really astounds me is that I have checked off 3 things! One of them being the most important and greatest achievements of my life. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself.

And have I added any new items to the list? Of course!

– Go skinny dipping (Yep, uhuh, never done that. Shameful, I know)
– Ballroom dancing in the Tower Ballroom (or any other original ballroom) like Fred & Ginger, beautiful gown, gorgeous jewels, big band… The whole kit and kaboodle experience.
– Have a black and white portrait taken that makes me look like a 1930s Screen Goddess
– Learn to make pottery (this actually should have been on the original list as I’ve been wanting to do this for about 12 years now)
– Take a spiritual retreat on an Indian Ashram

Quite a diverse list, I think you’ll agree. But then that’s me. I always thought I should have been born a Gemini.


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