Babies cry, Marie!

You know, I thought it would be a breeze this time. I mean, I’m practically an expert now, right?


The last few days have been a bit of a challenge on the Mother ship. My baby boy has not been himself. Usually, a laid back happy little soul, he’s done nothing but cry. And, try as I might to comfort him, nothing can ease his sorrow.

Roll back 2 years and we were very used to pacing the floor with a screaming baby, whom we could not comfort and could not for the life of us understand. “Have you done the checklist?“, “Yes, twice. I just don’t know what’s bothering her“. Cue Grandma; “aww, she’s just not herself today” or worse “this is just her grizzly time, they all have it“. What??!! That’s not good enough, I NEED AN ANSWER!! We were tearing our hair out.

Granted, this time around we are significantly less stressed about the inexplicable sobbing. But, that doesn’t stop the despair when you can’t make it all better. My BFF, yogaswerve, in an attempt to make me feel better, once told me “Babies cry, Marie!” It’s true, at the time (with rivers of tears and probably a dribble of snot rolling down my face – hey, I was distraught, I had the Baby Blues) I hadn’t really appreciated just how much a baby cries. Or, probably more accurately, how helpless and useless the crying makes you feel.

So, here we are again, feeling helpless and useless. Thinking, we should have our license by now and wondering if we’ll ever “pass”. And then it hits me. We will NEVER get our full license. We will forevermore bear the L plates we were handed in January 2010. Because, every day is a first. We’ve never raised a 2 year old, we’ve never raised a kid at school, we’ve never had to worry about teenage angst. And every day brings something new.

And we don’t really get the bonus of experience with our baby boy. Because, he’s so different to his sister. The only thing we do have is a better understanding of that phrase that rings in my ears; “Babies cry, Marie!” And if I ever write the book of my blog, that is what it will be called!


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