A Healthy Idea for 2013

I’ve been reading a lot of the Big Idea 2013 entries on LinkedIn recently. I particularly liked the post by Gretchen Rubin about Choosing the Bigger Life. In it she describes pinching an idea from her sister, which approaches new years resolutions in a different way.

I’ve tried new years resolutions before, I try them every year. And, without fail, they’re out the window, round the corner, down the street and into the sea before the 12th January. In fact, I penned a little ditty committing myself to my resolutions on the internet 2 years ago – you can read that here. You won’t be surprised to know that it includes re-starting Yoga… needless to say by the end of Jan….

So, back to Gretchen’s idea. She pinched it from her sister, so, I figure I’m safe to pinch it from her.

She chooses a single word or phrase to represent a theme that will overarch the entire year. Like, Free Time or Awareness or Peace or Bigger (which is Gretchen’s theme for 2013). Gretchen does this in addition to making resolutions, I don’t think I’ll bother. Seems a safe bet that it’s a waste of time (for me, personally).

But I have chosen a theme. Healthy.

My big idea for 2013 is to ‘get healthy’. Not in the lose “14 stone in a day!!!” sense. (Anyone not familiar with the work of Peter Kay, should most definitely check him out). But in the sense of balance. Healthy emotionally, healthy financially (wouldn’t that be a boon!), healthy mentally and yes, healthy physically too (eat well, exercise – all the things “I don’t have time for” now).

I’m hoping that with less rigidity and a bigger picture approach, I’ll have more success than I’ve had in the past. But, don’t dismay, one of the best ways to achieve great emotional, mental and physical health is Yoga. And so, I will endeavour – for the gazillionth time – to start practising again!


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