And Your Point Is, Caller?

Not so long ago, in the dead of winter, I spotted something that made me stop and pinch myself (mentally, at least).

It was freezing… I mean really, really, cold. So cold that I couldn’t feel my toes through 3 pairs of thick socks. And there was a man sitting on a bench, waiting for a train (as many of us were, being that this happened at a train station), wearing fingerless gloves… FINGERLESS GLOVES!!! What’s the point in that? I thought to myself. I couldn’t feel my face and there he was risking his digits without a care in the world.

I laughed a little, about 15 minutes later once I had sat down on the train and my face had had a chance to thaw out. And it made me think of Big Mac meals, you’ll see shortly why. So, I decided I would try to think of as many pointless things as I could, write them down and share them with you (an infinitely more difficult task that it sounds, let me assure you!)

Here’s my list (in no particular order). Feel free to share your own by leaving a comment!

A few of my favourite (pointless) things:
– Fingerless gloves (OK, that’s a bit of a cheat)
– Ordering a Diet Coke with a Big Mac meal
– Alcohol free beer
– De-caffeinated coffee
– Wearing sunglasses at night
– Leaving a light on in the house for the cat, when you’re out and it’s dark (what really? just me then?)
– Owning a mobile phone and leaving it at your desk/on the kitchen table whenever you go anywhere (it’s got the word “mobile” in its name for a reason, you know!)
– Invisible ink
– Off Road/All Terrain vehicles that only ever go from the 5 bed detached, to the school, to the shopping mall and back again (unless any of these destinations are atop a hill with no access road)
– And of course, the old classic: Having a dog and barking yourself! (though, in all honesty, in 36 years I’ve yet to hear anyone actually do that)


One thought on “And Your Point Is, Caller?

  1. Reblogged this on foreverstartingyoga and commented:

    I used to be quite funny, when I first started blogging. Well, my posts made me laugh anyway! Now, it seems I’m all doom an gloom. Well, it can feel like that some days. So, I thought I’d re-post an old entry that made me giggle. Hopefully, it will make you giggle too. Enjoy 🙂

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