So, last night my friend who I’m always starting Yoga with, and I, went to see Beyonce in Concert. Now, when we bought the tickets we didn’t really know much of her. A small handful of her dance tracks and another couple going back to the DC years.

We couldn’t understand, when we got there, why everyone was wearing copious amounts of glitter and sequins. And there wasn’t one heel in the place under 4 inches tall! except mine of course, cos I was in my supermarket “ugg” boots.

The show started without a support act. “This isn’t very good”, we thought. And then BANG!… There she was…. Amazonian, Statuesque, Goddess. And the worship began.

I have to say, it was truly a show. A full on 2 hours plus of big dance moves, big lights and big costumes. At one point the woman was walking on air, for god sakes!!, high above the crowd all around the stadium. How can you not worship that!?

But what actually turned me from “yeah, I like her music” to “I pledge undying love to her forever” was her connection to the audience. Despite the big theatrics – and believe me, that girl can do drama – I have never seen an artist get so up close and personal with their audience. There were several occasions when I was nearly in tears because of her genuine kindness.

Sparkle, glamour, presence, kindness and the greatest show on earth. If you get a chance to see her, don’t miss it. And ladies, take a leaf from her book right now. Sequins is not just for Christmas!!


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